Part of Holloway Environmental’s mission has always been to create a full circle waste stream. We are constantly innovating new ways to make old waste into something that can be reused. Our latest venture is in partnership with Aires. Using Aires’ technology, Holloway Environmental has developed a way to take old orchard wood chips from our sister company, Holloway Ag, and convert them into energy. This energy is then put back onto the electrical grid to power Central Valley homes and businesses.

How it works

Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with California, Holloway is participating in a BioMAT program that puts clean energy back on the grid of our state. There is a specific emphasis on alternatives to orchard tree disposal because the traditional method of burning old trees is a terrible pollutant and negatively impacts our air quality.

The Aires technology works by using the clean, efficient conversion of biomass into a synthetic gas in an oxygen-starved environment. This process is not incineration, so there are no toxic gasses emitted by the process. Ninety percent of the solid orchard wood chips are turned into syngas, which is used to make steam and therefore, electricity. The other 10 percent of solids become biochar, which is a carbon-rich soil amendment that encourages microbial activity and is proven to increase soil water holding capacity. The biochar is then offered as an amendment through Holloway Ag to spread back on the new orchard soil.

Ag waste to renewable energy

Our Impact on Clean Energy

This clean energy creation, which is the final step in our Grave to Cradle offering through Holloway Ag, is aiming to process 165 tons of ag waste per day. This will generate three net megawatts of electricity to the PG&E power grid. That’s a significantly positive impact on California’s energy needs and the environment.

A Better Solution for the Removal of Your Orchard

If you have an orchard that you need to clear, consider Holloway’s Grave to Cradle service. It allows that final phase of your orchard to be recycled into clean energy with less cost and less hassle on the grower.

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