The Environment is Our Top Priority

We are committed to finding practical and sustainable solutions to one of the growing challenges of our generation – waste management.

Our Class III non-hazardous Industrial Waste Landfill facility is located in Lost Hills, California, and sited on approximately 301 acres that was formerly used for surface mining operations by H.M. Holloway, Inc. By the 21st century, we realized that reclaiming mines for waste processing and disposal is an ecologically responsible solution that helps avoid the need to construct new landfills—and Holloway Environmental was born.

This landfill is one of the few strategic properties that is naturally geologically capable of accepting class A & B biosolids, and is already permitted for biolsolids, shredded automobile waste, and spent sandblasting media.

We are also committed to finding sustainable solutions for waste beyond landfilling. Our team is investing heavily in transformation processes including composting green waste to produce a vital product for farms, water reclamation to conserve our most precious natural resource, and waste conversion technologies that process waste into energy that will fuel our transportation fleet and beyond. Our goal is to pursue techniques and technologies that processes and reuses as much material as we collect that is economically feasible. This is not just good business, its business doing good for all of California.




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