“ES Engineering provides environmental consulting and engineering services for the Holloway Landfill site. The site is a very well-run facility and the Holloway management and site operations staff have the expertise to operate and maintain the facility in compliance with the acceptable state standards/regulations for landfills. They also employ professional consulting companies with experience in the landfill engineering, compliance and operations field to assist them in this.The site soil cover is clean and orderly, as well as maintained to provide the control required to minimize and eliminate the impacts from litter, vectors or odors. Based on our experience working at landfills throughout California the Holloway Landfill is one of the best examples of a well-maintained and well-run landfill facility.”

John McNamera

E.S. Engineering 

“We have been working with H.M. Holloway for several years and continue to be impressed with their ongoing professionalism and attention to their customer. They are a locally-owned company that cares about developing partnerships with its customers. They have always provided us with outstanding customer service and always have time to answer our many questions. They are the total package when it comes to dedication and experience.”

Paul Paris, City Manager

City of Wasco